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Cake and Icing Balls

Last week was a big week in terms of baking opportunities.  With book club on Wednesday and a co-worker’s birthday on Thursday it was time to test out a new, fun recipe.  I wanted to bake something pretty and yummy, … Continue reading

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Dairy-Free Breakfast Smoothie

I am a huge morning person, ask anybody who knows me.  I always set aside at least an hour before work to sit back and take in the day.  This usually involves a combination of coffee, the Daily Show and … Continue reading

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Yes. No. Yes, I’ll have another piece.

This Father’s day we celebrated with my parents by grilling pizzas!  I had my dad, mom, sister Mallory and her boyfriend Jeffrey over for linner (you know, lunch/dinner).  We were supposed to cookout, but of course it rained.  Still, I … Continue reading

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Perfect Rice

I need to share this trick with you.  I used to spend $4.00 a box of frozen brown rice at Trader Joe’s because it was just so easy:  buy a bag of frozen rice, pop in the microwave for 3 … Continue reading

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My favorite part of summer are all the fresh veggies, and the farmer’s markets that pop up around town.  On a recent farmer’s market trip I picked up some peppers and cucumbers:  perfect for a fresh summer gazpacho!  This is … Continue reading

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Low Fat Banana Bread

Do you do this?  I always buy waaaayyyy too many bananas.  Then they turn brown and spotty.  So, I put them in the freezer.  Then, I have instant bananas for banana bread or banana ice cream (recipe to come!). I … Continue reading

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One Week Wonders: Summer Tuna Salad

First of all, I want to second everything that Sari said below.  The last few weeks have been CRAZY for me with work and travel.  I’ve eaten more meals at the Penn Station Chickpea than I have in my apartment … Continue reading

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