About Us

The Kenilworth Kitchen is a food website sparked by a brainstorm between two lifelong friends who were tired of talking about all the yummy food they were cooking and instead wanted to share it with each other and the rest of the blogosphere.

But, to know our story, you have to rewind 20 years.  It was 1990, and two cute little girls, one with big blue glasses, and another with thick, teased bangs and a gap between her front teeth, moved in next door to each other on Kenilworth Lane.  Alli and Sari became “instant friends,” and we loved having someone around who was always up for an adventure, an arts-and-crafts project, or creating a mixed tape.  Although much time has passed and we have lived in different cities for years, our love of food, fun, and instant friendship is never-ending.

Back then we shared everything, and now we are coming together to share our favorite recipes and new adventures with you.  We hope this blog is a resource for the not-so-foodie foodie who enjoys eating healthy, delicious, easy to prepare vegetarian/pescetarian/flexitarian food, and the not-so-occasional sweets.


One Response to About Us

  1. Stacey says:

    This blog is so cute, ladies! Good luck!! I hope it brings more success than Ben’s and my blog.

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